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The 3-year Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is the UK undergraduate law degree course.

Master Law Tutors, Private Law Tutors

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There is a full range of compulsory core subjects undertaken during the qualifying period of this course in all law schools and universities.

All LLB students will cover the seven core subjects:

  • Contract Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Equity and Trusts

  • EU Law

  • Land Law

  • Public/ Constitutional and Administrative Law

  • Tort

These core subjects are in turn supplemented by optional subjects presented as course modules. This creates differently structured courses amongst the various schools of law and universities.

The specialist subjects offered include:

  • Administrative Law

  • Banking Law

  • Contract Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Company Law

  • Employment Law

  • English Legal System

  • Equity and Trusts

  • Family Law

  • Intellectual Property

  • International Law

  • Jurisprudence

  • Medical Law

  • Property Law

  • Tort Law

  • etc...

Master Law Tutors, Private Law Tutors

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