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Please note that the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course), the training course for barristers, is being phased out from September 2020 with providers supplying a similar course under different names: Bar Practice Course (BPC), Bar Training Course (BTC) and Bar Vocational Course (BVS). Upon successful completion of this course, barristers can enter pupillage. It is a course which imparts all the skills and knowledge which the barrister will need to embark upon a successful practicing career.

The core subjects are listed below:

·         Civil Advocacy

·         Civil Litigation and Remedies

·         Conference Skills

·         Criminal Advocacy

·         Criminal Litigation and Sentencing

·         Drafting

·         Evidence

·         Legal Research, Electronic and Paper-Based

·         Opinion Writing

·         Professional Ethics

·         Advanced Civil Litigation

·         Professional Negligence

·         Advanced Criminal Litigation

·         Advanced Commercial Law

One of our senior tutors will be happy to discuss your personal needs with you free of cost.

Master Law Tutors, Private Law Tutors

What we offer our BPTC students

All of our tutors are qualified barristers who have been through these exams and most of our tutors have taught the courses.

We use work methods that focus on clarity of answers which demonstrates the skills that are expected of a qualified barrister. That is, a thorough grasp of the legal method in its application of laws and facts supported by research methodology and evidential procedure (civil or criminal) backed up by skilful writing, drafting and oral delivery.

We offer every support for the student to achieve his or her goal, knowing fully well that at this stage great investment has been made in a career choice which simply cannot accept failure. We find that every student's needs is different, especially in this field and strongly recommend that a personal interview is set up in order to establish your needs.

Please note that we also offer the BTT (Bar Transfer Training).

For a free consultation, kindly call us on 0207 088 8468 or send us a quick email to:

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