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The GDL is the conversion course for non-law graduates. It is covered in one year, unlike the normal degree course which has similar content and is covered in two to three years. It therefore has a heavy and demanding workload that requires students to acquire legal skills and learn at a rocket pace. These courses are usually offered at the BPP, College of Law and City Law School.

Law student

One of our senior tutors will be happy to discuss your personal needs with you free of cost.

What we offer our GDL students

For students on this course, it is especially important that they have effective guidance. We offer techniques to these students in terms of working methods to enable them to cope with the volume and time limits. We teach exam techniques and skills which students will find invaluable. We use tutors who have taught the London GDL courses before.

For a free consultation, kindly call us on 0207 088 8468 or send us a quick email to:

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