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What we offer our LPC students

​Students on this course, we realize, are at the final stage of their professional qualification and they aim at  going on to one of the top firms for training as solicitors.

We share the same goals. We want to see you succeed. We therefore offer exceptional  mentoring by tutors, who are fully trained to guide them effectively.

For a free consultation, kindly call us on 0207 088 8468 or send us a quick email to:

Tutors cover all the LPC subjects:

·         Business Law and practice

·         Civil Litigation

·         Criminal Litigation

·         Property Law and Practice

·         Advocacy

·         Interviewing and Advising

·         Legal research

·         Problem-solving and IT Writing and drafting

·         Professional conduct

·         Wills and administration of estates

·         Taxation

·         Debt Finance

·         Equity Finance

·         Acquisitions

·         Advanced criminal practice

·         Advanced property law and practice

·         Banking and debt finance

·         Commercial dispute resolution

·         Commercial law

·         Employment law and practice

·         Family law

·         Housing law and practice

·         Insurance law

·         Personal injury and clinical negligence litigation

·         Private client: wills, trusts and estate planning

·         Public companies

·         etc..

The LPC is the solicitors qualifying exams. Eighty five per cent of our clients  are either attending or resitting exams from the three major law schools (BPP or the College of Law and City Law School).


The content varies to a certain extent amongst the schools but the SRA led exams must meet the same requirements for any trained solicitor.

We therefore take this into account in teaching and have knowledge of various course content, marking, grading and innermost requirements.

Law student

One of our senior tutors will be happy to discuss your personal needs with you free of cost.

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