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i. Payments must be received before the first tutorial session.
ii. Clients will be billed for both time spent with the Tutor, and time that the Tutor spends reviewing assignments and writing and where there is reasonable preparation, as well as various administrative charges, e.g. photocopying, notes, etc…
iii. Clients are responsible to keep track of hours that they purchase and use with their Tutor. It is not the Tutor's responsibility to keep track of how many hours have been used. Clients may always inquire as to their remaining balance by contacting the office, but it is ultimately the client's responsibility to keep track of their remaining balance.


Fees can be settled by bank transfer or credit card (PayPal card surcharge applies), directly to the company’s account. Kindly note that all bank transfers should be from Principal banks and are subject to AML Regulations.




All of our professional sessions are 3 hours and are delivered between 9am and 6pm daily. There usually is a 15-min tea break.

One-and-a-half hour (1.5) suggested minimum (applicable to undergraduates only) unless otherwise specified. We will always try to work with our clients' schedules.

Review Time
If clients wish their Tutor to review their essays or other work outside of their tutoring session, this will be charged at the applicable hourly rate.

Client Schedule
i. A 7-day notice is required for the rescheduling of any session. Failure to provide 7 days’ notice will result in the booking being fully charged if it has already been timetabled.

ii. During the initial session with your Tutor, we will develop and tailor a study programme for each client. This is mandatory for all clients.
ii. The session will include addressing subject areas with which the client is struggling, e.g. essay writing, exam preparation, problem with specific issues, etc...
iii. Clients will be charged at the applicable hourly rate for both the time spent with the Tutor in obtaining this information from the client and the time involved in creating a client-specific study schedule, tailored to the individual needs of client.
iv. Any additions or changes, after the initial schedule is created, to the client's schedule will be done during subsequent tutoring sessions.




Prior to booking, Clients are strongly advised, to declare any illnesses which might directly impact upon their studies, as one to one tutoring is an act of confidence and we are professionals (lawyers), to support and help you to the best of our abilities. It hinders your progress and ours, not to disclose these personal needs and if at any later stage it is declared there will be no refund given.

 i. All block bookings are permanent and cannot be cancelled or refunded. Clients may however transfer some hours on their timetable to different dates and times. Please note a maximum of 2 date changes will be permitted on a 20-hour booking and 4 date changes for bookings in excess of 60 hours once the timetable has been fixed. Please refer to clause 3.1 (7-day notice is required in any of the above).

ii. For a 10-hour package, a client may not be refunded on any changes, except with prior agreement of admin and with 7-days' notice.
iii. Assignments (including editing papers, reviewing structure, etc...) requiring a turnaround time of 48 hours or less will be billed at a rate of time and a half.
iv. All block bookings must be taken up and pursued as timetabled. If there is a delay or stopping in attendance for any reason, a restart date must be effected within 3 months of the date of stopping, except the booking will be cancelled and no refund will be given (block bookings are considered as 10 hours or more).


i. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Any disrespect and bad behaviour or aggressive action against any of our tutors or staff will be met with instant cancellation of your tuition and there will be no refund of any monies paid.
Kindly note that clients are expected to report back to a Senior Director any disagreement or dissatisfaction that they have with tutors or services and that these will be fully investigated on their behalf. Further, upon investigation and with reasonable request, tutors can be changed if the client so requests. The above proper channels must be used.
ii. Clients should note that telephone conversations are recorded for training and quality purposes.


All disputes are to be governed by the Laws and England and Wales.

All disputes will be first handled by Mediation in England, prior to any recourse to the jurisdictional Courts.

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