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You’ve done well in your exams and want to know what your next move should be? Perhaps you are planning ahead, as you should do, to ensure getting the most from your expensive legal qualifications. Well, you need to have a deep and meaningful discussion with a trained professional to ask questions that you need accurate answers to and to be properly advised. A played fancy video will not be enough.


You will need sound professional help to cash in on your training and to help you maximise your possibilities, ambition and goals.

Whether you’re planning on practicing as a Barrister, or Solicitor, to work in a top firm, in-house, or just wanting to attend that important interview for training, pupillage or for a job, or need to get into Oxbridge for your postgraduate studies, you will need sound professional career advice from experts to help you to secure the best possibilities in realising your full potential. It is extremely competitive and quite often you’ll only get one shot at getting that desired post.

As leaders in the field of legal professional tutoring we can quickly and accurately assess your potential and drive and direct your attention to the areas you need to develop and present, in order to assist you in maximising your chances at achieving your goals.

Our services are strictly personal and highly confidential.

We provide:-


  • Mock interviews: For all areas of legal jobs, pupillage and training interviews.

  • Testing and evaluation: With clear advice as to personality testing and ability assessment provided by a psychologists. If required.

  • Professional Advice on practice: We have top flight Barristers and Solicitors with whom you can arrange a meeting to speak in a relaxed and informal way. They will answer all your questions simple or complex on any of the following:-

  • Qualifying

  • Funding

  • Recruitment

  • Training Contracts

  • Pupillages and tenancies

  • Inns of Court

  • Alternative Careers

  • Academic applications: Considering Post Graduate studies and need help and guidance?

  • All applications with formal interviews, for Universities, especially Oxbridge carried out by our top academics, all your questions are answered.

One of our senior tutors will be happy to discuss your personal needs with you free of cost.

For a free consultation, kindly call us on 0207 088 8468 or send us a quick email to:

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