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We have developed an approach that works

Learning law and practicing law is mostly about acquiring highly specialised skills and techniques and knowing how to apply them.

All students need individual attention on specific subjects and need to know how to answer questions by correctly applying specialized legal skills. We set out  to create an academic and professional institution which nurtures the learning of these skills.

We strongly believe from personal experience as past students of law ourselves, lawyers, and as law tutors, that learning the content of law is simply not enough, but that it is the technique in applying legal skills, that takes the student right through his or her academic life and later through their professional career.

This different approach to teaching and learning the law, is a taught guidance through what is after all “a vast jungle of knowledge”, which most students find that they get lost in or are just totally overwhelmed by.

Master Law Tutors, Private Law Tutors

Our approach makes the difference, and makes studying and learning law much easier, more efficient, as less time is wasted, and therefore much more rewarding and enjoyable. This method has been shown to greatly enhance continued success throughout, at undergraduate level, postgraduate and in professional exams.

Our tutoring is meant to be a highly personalised system of study that ensures constant support and mentoring. It provides contacts and seeks to develop confidence. Your approach to the study of law will be more logical and defined, less time-consuming and you will never be lost.

We offer you in-house trained practitioners, with first class legal skills, and years of experience, to design your study programme solely based on your personal needs and focusing your efforts upon the skill set application especially in areas where you need to develop to higher levels, which will result in better academic grades and continued success throughout your career.


For a free consultation, kindly call us on 0207 088 8468 or send us an email at

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