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"Thank you so much for your support. I definitely wouldn't have done it without support from you all. I am planning to continue with the tuitions from September onwards to help with my 2nd year studies."

Hemani, 1st-year LLB


"My tuition helped me excessively in achieving a 2:1 degree classification. The teaching methods of Master Law Tutors are conducted in a unique way that enhanced my ability to write coursework and exam questions. When I first attended the tester session with Carolena, she immediately pulled out the stops as to what i was previously doing wrong in my written examination pieces of work, and gave me a systematic structure that I should follow and apply in order to achieve excellent pieces of written legal work. This session gave me confidence that the tuition service had the capability of working with me to achieve the best grade possible. After being assigned to my Company Law tutor, my expectation of the Master Law Tutors service excelled beyond the high expectation I initially had of them. "

Michaela, LLB, University of Hertfordshire

"I had previously used another tuition company and was very disappointed. However Master Law Tutors exceeded my expectations, the tutor was very knowledgeable and well prepared before the sessions. Her teaching methods, I found, were very effective and to the point. I had started my revision literally two weeks before the exam because of some family problems, but I still managed to get a 2.1 for my paper. During my sessions the tutor showed me new revision techniques which were very effective and which I believe were one of the main reasons I did well in my exams. I would recommend Master Law Tutors to anyone who wants help doing well in their exams or assignments."

Sounia, LLB, Birkbeck University



"If it wasn't for the emergency tutoring, I have no doubts that I would have struggled to pass my second year. Luckily, thanks to some expert guidance and a unique way of approaching essays and problem questions, I was able to secure a 2:1 overall. The unique approach overhauled the ways in which I attack a problem and essay question. It was explained clearly and concisely and now I know how to tackle my final year. Also, the tutors really cared about ensuring that I perform to the best of my ability."

S.D., LLB, Queen Mary University



"My tutor always knows what she is talking about no matter what the subject matter. She is very knowledgeable and highly professional in her tutoring. I would highly recommend Master Law Tutors. The tutoring helped me pass my exams when I had a long absence (1 year) between taking the course and taking the exam. There is nothing that Master Law Tutors could have done better."

Iliana, LLB, University of West London



"I would like to thank Master Law Tutors for their help in revising for my final exam. My tutors were so helpful in adjusting to my schedule and focusing in on exactly what my problem areas were. I am an international student who got tutored over Skype and the whole staff ensured that I did well on my exam in a short period of time".

Monica, LLB, Queen Mary University, London



"I worked with Master Law Tutors during my Company and Commercial Law exam preparation. I found my tutor, Carol, to be very knowledgeable and highly professional. The sessions were well structured, clear and challenging, which greatly helped me in building confidence for the upcoming exams. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone looking for help with exam preparation or additional tuition throughout the year."

Rachel, LLB, London University External


"I would like to personally thank Master Law Tutors for providing me with excellent service and a proper education in Law. I had a challenging time grasping the core areas of law for the GDL. After receiving intensive tutoring prior to my exams, I was able to properly revise on top of discovering a new appreciation for the law. Each session was intense and specifically catered to my needs as a student.

The facilities and personal care for my academic well being were top notch. I wish my school provided this level of service, hence why I chose tuition with Master Law Tutors.

Carolena is an excellent leader with years and years of knowledge in various areas of the law. Her teaching method is the key to succeeding in law school and developing legal skills that will carry well into one’s career. Her tutors are extremely knowledgeable and provided much needed revision techniques for exam prep. I will continue with tuition for the LPC. Many thanks!"

Ivan, GDL, BPP



"If you are considering using Master Law Tutors, read this first. After struggling with the GDL (I had a part-time job throughout) and ending up with a pass, then struggling through the BVC (which I failed!), you would think I'd give up on a legal career. I did not and managed to secure a place on the LPC, 5 years later. Was it easier than the BVC? No, just different. I began well with commendations and distinctions in subjects that were not as important as the ones I went on to fail. Yes, history was about to repeat itself. Then came an idea, try a tutor, who is a practitioner and knows how to pass these exams. This is where my life changed. I had sat two of my retakes prior to enrolling on these classes and only achieved grades in the mid to high 50's. My remaining two exam results were in 60's because Master Law Tutors tutored me. In one of those exams, I panicked and did not finish the paper, yet I still passed convincingly! Should you wish to epitomise, the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, then invest in your future and enrol with Master Law Tutors. They really are experts and can immediately detect the flaws in your exam technique and knowledge! If you are lucky, you will meet Mrs Carol Spencer however, you had better be prepared for her classes! "

Sofia, LPC BPP

"I was really afraid to approach any further law tutoring services, having used several cheaper law tutoring companies and got nothing at all. It was my final attempt at the LPC and I decided to call the more expensive Master Law Tutors, and I do not regret having done so! I have been very pleased with Master Law Tutors. It is one of the most prestigious organisation I have ever known and their standards are well above any Law school. Whilst in completion with my LPC I first came to this organisation as I felt I was let down in the teaching standards given to me at my own Law institution. I felt what we needed to be taught in-depth whereby we could really understand the Law well and its operation within Law firms. I was given this particular type of help at Master Law tutors and I was shown that even whilst being in your final attempt this organisation comes to your rescue and pulls you up. They helped me both academically in my revision and gave me both moral and emotional support at the same time which made me achieve the exams success that I desired. If you are really determined to be a Barrister/Solicitor and when you feel you have no hope as you maybe in your last attempt for the exams than this is the organisation to attend as you will be guaranteed your desired success and that your dream in you legal career will also be fulfilled. I would highly endorse Master Law Tutors to all Law students who want to achieve well academically and gain success in their desired legal career. "

Nisheet, LPC BPP


"I am writing to inform you that I have received a distinction on my accelerated LPC and would like to thank you once again."

Zain, LPC University of Law



"I thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know that I passed my final exam (BLP) for my LPC, with a score of 76%. I was extremely pleased with this result and I am very glad that the exams are now over so that I may move forward in my legal career. I wanted to send an email to thank you for expert guidance in helping me with these exams. I firmly believe that without your help and guidance, I would have not got through these last exams so I am extremely grateful for your help."

Aaron, LPC University of Law


"My tutor determined exactly what I was struggling with from our first class together. She was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and carry out the remainder of the classes to focus and develop the legal analysis skills I was lacking to prepare me for my exam. She was always prepared for each class and was able to explain details to me very clearly. I failed my first attempt as three exams and my tutor was able to determine where I was going wrong in answering the questions. It came down to exam technique and she was able to structure our classes together to focus on what the examiner wanted and how to think legally, as a professional. This has helped me become more articulate and be more aware of how I conduct myself when going through documents."

Alexandra, LPC University of Law


"I went to Master Law Tutors in need of help having failed some LPC modules. My previous tutors were unable to notice and highlight exactly where I was going wrong and I was in need of some urgent advice. I was at that point lacking in confidence but, from my first session with my tutor, she was able to identify my weaknesses and strengths and structured our classes accordingly. The sessions went beyond preparing me for upcoming examinations. They taught me how to think like a lawyer. My tutor was always extremely patient and gave me the confidence to believe in my abilities. She not only motivated me and encouraged me to progress and further myself but would always explain things properly and repeatedly, where necessary and, perhaps most importantly, used numerous teaching materials and methods to explain topics I found particularly difficult until I understood them fully. Above all my tutor was approachable yet firm, empathetic, organised and extremely reliable. I cannot recommend Master Law Tutors highly enough.
Classes were always well structured and challenging. My tutor encouraged me to think outside of the box and not simply how to answer exam questions. Through my sessions I grew in confidence and became even more determined to succeed in the legal sphere. The tutors at Master Law Tutors are more than law tutors but mentors, who want the best for the students, and encourage independent thought. "

Elizabeth, LPC University of Law


"Having failed the much-maligned Professional Ethics exam, I found myself in the last-chance saloon so I turned, for the first time on my BPTC, to private tuition. My initial chat with Carolena was very reassuring and so I signed up for a series of one to one sessions. During the first session we had very little to do with the subject matter itself, which was initially a concern; I needn’t have been worried. What she was doing was unpicking years of learned behaviour in my approach to questions which was robbing me of marks that I deserved, as I knew the subject, but failed to articulate correctly. Over the course of the sessions, my answers became more concise and focused and my confidence grew. I was delighted to have passed my exam and am now looking forward to call night!

I just wish I’d sought the help of Master Law Tutors earlier. Had I done so then, who knows? I might have walked away with an Outstanding. Don’t wait for the re-sit – talk to Master Law Tutors now and get it right first time! "

Gwynn, BPTC, BPP



" I went to Master Law Tutors sure that I didn’t really need tuition. I had always done well in school on my own and then excelled in Law School. However, when I started Bar school and met with my tutor, I knew that I was wrong. The BPTC pushes students to think like practitioners, to solve problems like lawyers and to work well in pressured, time constricted scenarios. My tutor pushed me every day to leave my academic mind for a legal one. She went through each question methodically and taught me how to approach each question in both exams, and the real world. Additionally, regular mock sessions and practice timed questions prepared my for my exams. When results rolled in, I received an Outstanding in all of the subjects my tutor assisted with - Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation and Professional Ethics. I actually received 94% in both Criminal and Civil Litigation. My tutor's approach works. Master Law Tutors works. While her students' minds grew, my tutor's tough, no-frills approach also made us grow to be tough lawyers who can withstand and shine through challenges. I would highly recommend Master Law Tutors to any student looking to excel. "

Erin, BPTC, City University London



" I was told about Master Law Tutors by a friend on the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course). I was initially apprehensive about getting a tutor. However, it turned out to be an excellent decision. The one-to-one sessions allow you to gain a more holistic understanding of the practice of law and goes beyond the BPTC in preparing you for employment. Having scheduled sessions every week forces you to stay focused and my tutor's approach to the questions on the BPTC helped me not only pass on my first attempt but also achieve good results. I would recommend  Master Law Tutors to BPTC students. "

Andrew, BPTC, City University London,



"My experience of being tutored with Master Law Tutors was nothing short of fantastic. During the course of my tutoring, not only did we manage to get through what I needed my tutoring for, but my tutor also analysed my potential weaknesses and helped me overcome those. Additionally there was a great attention to detail given to my needs, and being tutored not only helped me for my exams, but also helped me acquire skills that could be transferrable to the real world. Thank you so much."

AJ, BPTC, City University



"The exam went well!! Thanks for all the help and support you gave to me. I'll stay in touch."

Alice, BPTC, The College of Law


"I've recently passed the OSCE Assessment and I can't thank enough to my superb tutors: Carolena Spencer and Laura Webb. I tried to pass the OSCE twice without success and I can honestly say that it is only with the correct guidance that Master Law Tutors provided me in both legal principles and practical skills that I could finally achieve my goal. The classes were outstanding, they helped me and supported me throughout the process and I'm truly grateful. The investment in Master Law Tutors is worth every penny! I highly recommend it."
Maria Sofia Sabelli, QLTS

"I have just passed the OSCE with a good grade which would not have happened without the excellent tutoring I received from MLT. Prior to finding MLT I was struggling with the inadequate offerings of on-line providers (who in my view are not fit for purpose). Through intensive one-on-one sessions my tutor gave me the tools and focus to tackle the intense 6 day exam with confidence and provided a solid framework for my work outside of class. I gladly recommend MLT to all who wish to attempt the OSCE. "

Alistair, Fieldfisher LLP, QLTS


"I've passed the OSCEs!!! Thanks Master Law Tutors! "

Alex, Mayfair Law firm, QLTS


"I passed! Got 67% - not an outstanding mark but I'm very happy that I passed. Thanks for all your help! "

Gabriela, Herbert Smith Freehills, QLTS


"I cannot thank my tutor enough for all her guidance, patience and thorough tutoring in preparation for the OSCE. The quality of the classes and the exercises made studying much more interesting and enjoyable. I was finding it very challenging to study alone and go through what seemed a never ending syllabus and she helped me understand what was really relevant, helping me focus on the most important areas for my exam. The facts turn the law! She also did an amazing job in calming my nerves and really preparing me for the oral part of my exams. We had a lot of fun with the role playing and it made me really grasp all the important concepts and soft skills to nail the interviews and presentations. I strongly recommend MLT for both phases of the QLTS and really wished I had learned about the programme earlier! My tutor did a fantastic job and I felt very confident for the exams and got a very high mark! I have recommended it to everyone that has asked me for advice on preparing for the MCTs and the OSCE. "

Natalia, Herbert Smith Freehills, QLTS

Law Professional


"I had the privilege of working with Master Law Tutor for my SQE 2 exam and I can say with confidence that they played an instrumental role in my success. Not only did they help me understand the material, but they also taught me how to apply my knowledge in a way that would showcase my skills to the examiners. Their guidance on what the examiners were looking for and how to demonstrate those skills was invaluable. I would highly recommend Master Law Tutor to anyone looking for top-notch SQE 2 exam preparation."
Eyitemi Adeniyi, SQE2, March 2023

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